Small Character Coding

Small Character Inkjet Coding

Continuous Ink Jet or CIJ coding is crucial in maintaining "up time" on any production line. Our German-made EBS printers and made-in-USA CiTronix printers will work for any application.


Linx CJ400

Linx CJ400The Linx CJ400 is radically different from other coders. It's the simplest printer to use and maintain, the most portable and the quickest to set up and print with.

The Linx CJ400 prints up to three lines of information such as lot codes, dates, times, text and other data onto almost any porous or non-porous surface. Using continuous Ink jet technology, it prints onto products as they move on the production line, without contact, and can quickly change the printed code without lengthy set up procedures.

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Linx 5900

Linx 5900The Linx 5900 is designed to grow as your business requirements grow. Great for your current coding needs, it comes with optional upgrade features so you can e·nhance production line integration and message control as and when you need it.

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Linx 8900

Linx 8900The Linx 8900 prints up to 3 lines of alphanumerics, barcodes, logos, and graphics. Its large 10" full-color touch screen includes an icon-driven high resolution user interface with at­aglance production rate visibility, with easy creation and editing of messages.

The printhead requires no manual adjustments, removing the risk of damage to critical components, and allows for mess free, trouble free startups and stops.

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EBS-6500 Series

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer EBS-6100 SEThe EBS 6500 Series is an entirely new and improved small-character ink-jet system designed for exacting in-line product and package coding. It starts with an all-new cabinet configuration that includes a ventilation process incorporating moisture traps, filters and a chemical-resistant keypad that will protect the unit in even the harshest environment.

The EBS 6500 Series also integrates a touch-screen display for easy message creation and operational control. The result is an innovative ink-jet system that prints startlingly crisp, multi-lingual alphanumeric text and bar codes that provide error-free product identification.

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EBS-6200 SE CIJ Printer

EBS 6200 SE CIJ PrinterThe printer is designed for labelling single products and packages. The ink-jet technology applied enables a user to make clear and durable prints in a non-contact way on objects with various shapes and surfaces.

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The ciSeries range of printers are designed to meet some of the most demanding coding and marking applications across industries such as food and beverage, extrusion, cable and wire, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care, electronic components, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors.

Citronix’s range of printers apply identifying marks such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes at very high speeds to almost any kind of material or surface whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate type. ciSeries printers are reknowned globally for their Simplicity, Reliability, Capability and Excellent Value.

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VideoJet 37 Series

If you need performance and value in an ink jet printing system that is also incredibly easy to use, find out what the Videojet 37 Series ink jet printers can do for your operation.These systems deliver increased productivity and output, are compatible with more high-speed applications, yet keep the operator interface at the simplest possible level. The Videojet 37 eries printers are complete, non-contact systems that print a variety of codes and messages in one- or two-line formats with a full range of features to accommodate your specific coding requirements. If you need value, performance and simplicity, we have the system for you.

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