RFID and Fast Tags

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

FAST Tag™ Static With a user friendly touchscreen interface and RFID desktop printer, FAST Tag Static makes it easy to meet your customers' RFID compliance tagging needs. FAST Tag Static is available on a battery powered mobile cart platform so you have maximum fl exibility relocating the system in your environment.

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Metal Marking - Etching - Indenting

Matthews offers a wide variety of Indent-A-Mark® products for indenting and embossing. These range from heavy duty, production line indenting machines and programmable stylus markers to tool steel, hand stamps. This technology is primarily used to mark metal, automotive, and machined parts. Our steel dies can be manufactured with intricate detail for brand recognition marking. Type can also be used to indent chipboard and foils as well as brand codes in molded plastics and vinyls. Indenting technology is useful for marking on products which require long production runs, precise mark registration and controlled marking.