HandJet EBS-260

HandJet EBS-260EBS-260EBS Ink-Jet revolutionized hand-held coding when we introduced the HandJet EBS-250. Now our next-generation HandJet EBS-260 model provides reimagined features and functionality for even more innovative, portable coding.

Here’s what we’ve done:
- Doubled the unit’s print height to 32 dots @ up to 2.2” to provide one to four separate lines of code, plus increased the capacity of the ink cartridge to up to 200,000 characters in a 7x5 matrix
- Added an on-board, touch-screen controller to simplify on-the-fly adjustments
- Included built-in laser guidance for the precise position-ing of messages
- Redesigned the unit’s hand grip for improved ergonom-ics and weight distribution

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EBS 250

EBS 250EBS 250 HANDJET PrinterThe HANDJET EBS 250 is an innovative product made by EBS Ink-Jet Systeme GmbH. The ultra-leight and compact design of the HANDJET EBS-250 (weighing, with batteries and ink cartridge less than 1000g) simplifies marking, coding and signing.

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Anser U2 Mobile

Anser U2 MobileAnser U2 PrinterExperience the freedom to print at a moment's notice with no rigid supports, wires or heavy equipment. Simply, input your coded messaging and gently swipe the U2 Mobile by hand over the surface for clean high resolution printing every time. Another revolutionary solution from ANSER. The power is in your hands.

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